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Direct Funding

As a non-profit, we can offer support at lower rates.  In some cases, we can agree on a fixed fee cap in advance. We may also be able to assist you pro bono (for free). We can also advise on ways to make litigation more accessible, such as seeking judicial review costs capping orders or (in environmental cases) Aarhus cost caps.

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Crowd Funding

A number of our clients have successfully used crowdfunding to cover their legal costs. It can be an effective way for individuals or organisations to gather financial support from a large number of people, usually through online platforms.

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Grant Funding

It might be possible for you to seek grant funding to help cover the costs of legal cases. Grant funding for legal cases is usually provided by foundations that support specific causes, such as human rights or social justice. These grants can help cover legal fees, court expenses, and other costs associated with pursuing a legal case.

The eligibility criteria for grant funding vary depending on the organisation providing the funding. Some may require applicants to demonstrate financial need or to show that their case is likely to have a significant impact on the issue at hand.

We are experienced in applying for grant funding so do contact us if you need any assistance.

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Good Law Project

Good Law Practice was set by Good Law Project, a not-for-profit campaign organisation. If you have a compelling case that aligns with Good Law Project’s values and campaign priorities, then they could be the partner you need. Good Law Project can provide funding, and campaign and communications advice.  We can contact Good Law Project on your behalf.

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Legal Aid

We do not have a Legal Aid contract. You can find legal aid solicitors by clicking the button below.

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