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The case

Written Ministerial Statements were implemented to curb the practice of pre-planned questions aimed at eliciting statements from the Government. They are statements made by Government Ministers which focus on a particular subject matter. They serve as an official communication channel for the Government to provide information to the public and other stakeholders.

We are currently instructed by ‘Rights: Community: Action’ and Good Law Project in relation to a claim for judicial review of the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Written Ministerial Statement on local energy efficiency standards made on 13 December 2023.  

The case

The 2023 Written Ministerial Statement sets out the Government’s position on minimum energy efficiency standards in light of changes to the Building Regulations since the 2015 Written Ministerial Statement. 

Our client believes that implementing the Written Ministerial Statement would have significant practical consequences for local authorities, particularly when it comes to meeting climate mitigation and carbon emission reduction targets through new developments.

The Written Ministerial Statement would limit the discretion of local authorities to adopt policies related to setting energy performance standards for new buildings, which is especially critical until building regulations can ensure the delivery of net-zero buildings across the board. We are now awaiting permission from the Planning Court.