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What we do

We use litigation and novel legal strategies to tackle environmental issues arising out of the planning system, air and water pollution, climate change, and to promote sustainability and nature conservation.

This includes challenging violations of environmental laws, pushing for greater enforcement of existing standards to safeguard the environment, and advocating for stricter regulations.

We are continually scoping the impact of climate and environmental issues on society, including the cost of energy, the impact of planning decisions on communities and green spaces, the health of our waterways, and the Government’s plans for Net Zero.

We also bring cases against companies that violate environmental regulations, and work with or against regulators to ensure they properly enforce the law and hold companies accountable for any violations.

Climate change

Our efforts to protect the environment include leveraging the power of the law to combat the looming threat of the climate crisis. 
We use the law to address the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change, promote a sustainable future for generations to come, and ensure that those with authority are held accountable. 

We look for innovative legal solutions to ensure that decision-makers put in place proper plans to tackle climate change and to mitigate the impacts it has on our communities. 
We also advocate for greater enforcement of existing standards designed to protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions. This can involve working with government and regulators, and supporting environmentally focussed organisations utilise the law to achieve their aims.

Water quality

We represent communities who bear the brunt of the effects of water pollution in legal battles concerning violations of water-related regulations.

We play a vital role in safeguarding water quality by actively engaging in litigation against those who pollute our water bodies, and holding the Regulators accountable for their (in)actions.

We have challenged the decisions of state bodies that impact the health of our water, and advocated for policies that strengthen existing laws.

Planning and sustainability

We offer campaigns, NGOs and other organisations guidance on navigating the legal frameworks regarding planning and environmental regulations, land use, and sustainability.  

In particular, we assist with cases that have public policy implications and involve challenging the decisions made by the Secretary of State or the Planning Inspectorate.