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What we do

Protest is more under threat than it has been in recent memory. The threats primarily come from the state, but also from corporations. 

At Practice we work closely with a range of organisations and individuals to strengthen the right to protest and defend activists from unwarranted attack. We provide legal representation, campaign advice, advocacy, and strategic litigation support on protest rights, police powers, and injunctions.   

We can initiate legal proceedings to challenge laws or policies that restrict protest rights and campaign for changes in the law related to protest rights.  We can help you challenge injunctions obtained by the state or corporations that prevent protests.

We advise clients whom the courts or professional organisations have silenced, organisations seeking to challenge police powers, and groups who need to understand the legal implications of organising a protest.

Our Managing Director, Lochlinn Parker, is one of the founder members of the Network for Police Monitoring Legal Group, which links lawyers and activists and provides analysis and support to the wider movement. 

Work highlights

GLP Protest Strategy

We are assisting Good Law Project to develop their strategy on standing up for protesters, particularly in respect of climate activists who have been silenced by the courts, new police powers, and the support that they can provide to groups who are the focus of state powers.

Injunctions Project

We are working with UK campaign groups and an international organisation that supports environmental defenders to launch a project assisting those who face injunctions as a result of their activism.

General Medical Council

We advised activists on the GMC’s treatment of doctors with convictions for climate protest.

Lawyers Are Responsible

We assisted with the “Lawyers Are Responsible” declaration by a group of barristers intending to refuse instructions which would have negative climate impacts.