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What we do

At Good Law Practice, we are passionate about advocating for women’s rights and equality. We are continuously scoping issues that particularly impact women as part of our human rights and civil liberties workstream. We understand the unique challenges and endemic legal issues that women often face and are committed to providing the support and representation needed to overcome these hurdles. 

We have examined various challenges related to safe access zones, failures in maternity care (including those concerning race differentials), inadequate diagnosis and treatment of hyperemesis gravidarum in NICE guidelines, and helping women to challenge SLAPPs sent to them by their abusers.

Our women’s rights lead, Polly Jackman, specialises in legal issues around reproductive justice. Amongst other things, for many years she has been involved in legal and policy work around safe access zones outside abortion clinics, local authorities’ failure to respond to abortion clinic harassment and the legalisation or decriminalisation of abortion across the island of Ireland and in the UK.