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The case

We initiated judicial review proceedings in respect of the Metropolitan Police Service’s refusal to investigate the Downing Street ‘partygate’ scandal, but withdrew the proceedings following a U-turn from the MPS in January 2022.

In these separate proceedings, we acted for Good Law Project and Lord Paddick in challenging the MPS’s failure, during that investigation, to properly investigate the attendance of then Prime Minister Boris Johnson at three gatherings.

At one of these gatherings, he was photographed giving a toast. The investigation resulted in him avoiding fixed penalty notices in relation to the gatherings even though

(a) other attendees were fined, and

(b) there was on its face no lawful excuse for his attendance at these unlawful gatherings.

The MPS’s position was that the Claimants lack standing to challenge their charging decisions, and were as such not entitled to relevant disclosure or an explanation of why the challenged decision was made.