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Good Law Practice

Legal solutions for positive and practical change

Are you an organisation looking for support?

We are an indispensable legal partner for organisations that strive to use the law to advance progressive causes. We are experts in holding power to account and using the law to bring about practical change.

Our legal expertise involves a consulting approach that analyses the issues and tailors targeted legal interventions specific to wider organisational and campaign aims.

We provide our services at an affordable price, regardless of the type and size of the client organisation, from grassroots community groups to international NGOs.

How We Can Help

What we do

We focus on cases that impact society more broadly, offering robust support and advocacy.

We provide novel legal solutions and campaign strategies to support clients in various ways, such as empowering communities, upholding fundamental rights, addressing the legal needs of those who have experienced injustice, and preserving the planet for future generations.

We offer advice on policy strategy, advocate for stronger protective regulations, and provide comprehensive support on protest law and safeguarding the voices of activists.

About Us